project alert!

It’s a good day in the land of Design for Mankind. If you’ve been reading this site for more than two days, you’ll know I have a pretty stark aversion to discouragement. It’s mean, it smells and it makes you look fat. So, you can imagine my excitement with the AWESOME Jeff Hamada from Boooooooom! emailed me to brainstorm a potential collaboration. He became my instant hero when he suggested we do something that will filter out all of the gross negativity and bring something shiny to the table.

Thus, we introduce: Free Encouragement, an untitled [for now] project for EVERYONE! Details are over on Jeff’s site, as I won’t be taking over until the second half, where the project takes a fun and unexpected turn in December. Get excited—- this is going to be the BEST project of ’08.

Well, one of them at least. ;)

Link:  Project #5–Instructions

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