Dear Kelly from Little Paper Planes tagged me last week, and although I usually space on tag-backs, I liked the idea of this one so much that I saved it for some Friday fun!

Name five “unimportant” things that make me happy!:

1. The creamy top on an unopened can of peanut butter. It looks so sily and smooth! Eek!
2. Stark white sheets with lilac linen spray.
3. Pizza rolls!
4. Thunderstorms.
5. Wool socks.

Thanks, Kelly— and readers, consider yourself tagged!

Link: Little Paper Planes: Moments
Photo Credit: Monsieur Oiseau

  • 1. any packaging that’s unopened
    2. the super-soft belly fur of my two kitties
    3. not having to set my alarm!
    4. colored glass
    5. junk food

    hehe. :)


  • 1. the smell of fresh copies
    2. the rush of wind that hits you when a fast biker goes by
    3. walking on the shadow of telephone lines
    4. a good thrift find
    5. old pictures

  • 1. Large thunderheads
    2. new sketch books–moleskins too (ahh, the possibilities)
    3. Random children/babies who I can make smile
    4. Shark’s Eye shells in perfect found condition–with no inhabitant…
    5. vintage unused US stamps

  • 1. Looking up through the high tree branches while walking, on a sunny day.
    2. Walking right next to a textured wall while looking directly towards the front. (I like to call it Peripheral Pleasure)
    3. The sound of recently poured soda.
    4. The way that the bits of dust look when floating around in the air, against the light of a lamp.
    5. The light of passing cars that shines through half opened windows, in a dark room, at night.

  • 1. Kids giggling and being creative
    2. The tingly feeling of cold pink cheeks when I’ve been outside for a while at -15 degrees (Celsius, that is…)
    3. Candlelight
    4. the soft warm of a new pair of socks
    5. A blank page in a new sketch book with a perfectly sharpened pencil.

  • 1. mallowmars
    2. looking inside house windows from the street, at night.
    3. hogging hubby’s warm spot as soon as he gets out of bed.
    4. afternoon nap on the couch in the sun. (like a cat.)
    5. baby fingers wrapped around mine.

  • In random order:
    – hearing a song that I know on the radio whether I’m in a car, in a store, or in a gym.
    – admiring the beauty in people’s face and/or body when I people-watch
    – gushes of warm damp winds coming indoors via a screen door at night
    – accidentally seeing a beefed-up muscle being flexed or on display on people’s body in the public.
    – accidentally grossing out people when I bend my fingers bend more than “normal”, when I’m listing things off from my fingers.

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