amy casey.


Totally enamored with Amy’s paintings from last year. Her early work is fantastic, as well, but there’s something about her 2008 series that makes me just love her!

Link: amy casey

  • i love her paintings! the color palette and perspective are wonderful. there’s something about the series that reminds me of the housing crisis, or the sense of community created through our homes, or both.

  • all those flying houses make me think of several things…1) The Wizard of Oz (all time fave movie), 2) Twister – not a fave but it popped it my head and 3) the current shit storm economic housing crisis with people losing their home in tornado-type way.

    lol – I just read all the comments and see that most of us are on the same page. I love the muted colors too – it’s almost like she’s downplaying all the craziness of the scene that we’re looking at by making the tones appear dream-like. loves it.

  • I, like Chessa, immediately thought about the housing crisis. This has impacted me personally, and art is always so much about how we absorb its meaning and translate it to our lives. There’s something reassuring in this chaotic image, though, perhaps due to the ties, as if there’s something holding everything together, if eyes could only open wide enough to see.

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