• Bake, bake, bake…um, cupcakes, that is. (Just wanted to be clear.) ;)

    And Sunday Dim Sum with friends.

    And imagining myself being a contestant on MMNCM!!! Huh? Oh…Mankind Mag’s Next Cover Model! When’s your talk show comin’ out Erin? ;)

  • Commenting on your blog! How are you, dear? Sorry I have been so out of the loop lately. Hope you are well, Miss Erin :)


  • SO adorable! Can I come when you take Bernie and George for a walk? :)

  • It’s Chinese New Year so everything is closed…apparently! So I will be going out anyway haha

  • designing, designing, designing….love how you showed your list, really creative and fun! now its almost monday…hope you got it all done.

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