How Do You Balance It All?

Welcome to Dialogue, a new project here on Design for Mankind. I’m so thrilled to introduce a fantastic group of people who are participating in this video series— dedicated to all the things we as a creative community SHOULD be talking about, but AREN’T.

Our first episode topic? Balance. In today’s world of virtual luxuries and overbooked schedules, how do you, as an artist/designer/blogger, hold it all together? What does your work/family/personal life balance look like, and what happens when you drop the ball?

Special thanks to the following individuals for making this series happen:
Duncan/Aaron Anderson, Annie and Clyde Music (ASCAP)/Twice Publishing (ASCAP)
Kenneth Loechner, Freelance Editor
+ our lovely cast of contributors, who you’ll meet soon enough!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy our dialogue. ;)


  • I wish to bring these to you people and aks for help.Because I has work with cmpiney for a years. but am not seeing incoming to me. So I want to get some idea from you people.Now am working with some organisation for nine years now! Now the salary is not increeson, and they said they are goin to clost the now want the idea that I can use it to make money.

  • Erin, I just watched every one of these videos and love them all. I feel like I ask myself all of these questions on an almost daily basis and it’s so nice to hear from other artists who go through the same exact things. I don’t have any real life friends who freelance or juggle a multitude of creative endeavors, so sometimes it’s hard to explain just what I do. If nothing else, watching these makes me feel a little less alone (and not so bad about the sink full of dishes and piles of laundry on the floor..) I really hope you keep making more of these videos.

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