Self-Discipline— Eek!

Are you skilled in the self-discipline department, or do you lack the motivation to manage yourself? Procrastination: Friend or foe?

Today’s Dialogue is all about the glorious aspects of task management—find out how Kelly Lynn Jones, Faythe Levine and Lisa Solomon manage their time and how they reward themselves when they complete a project!

How about you? How are you in the art of procrastination? Any tips for time/task management? Comment below to start your own dialogue!

Link:  Dialogue on Design for Mankind

  • *procrastinating. is that right? I don’t know.
    see? I’m doing it again. argh!

  • I graduated last May and have been trying to be my own creative boss aside from my crappy pay-the-bills job. I suck as a self-employee/student. So while the economy is so bad, I’m trying to get into grad school so that I can have some sort of routine and someone else to help put pressure on me to get things done while also getting an advanced degree.

    Thank you so much for the videos. They’re very helpful!

  • im such a procrastinator! its really really bad -even if i sometimes get important things done while procrastinating. My newest weapon is The Power Hour! for an hour, preferably as the very first thing you do when you wake up, turn off all distractions and work on the one thing weighing you down the most. It has to be the most important thing on your list and you have to do something meaningful, but only for an hour. no coffee, no internet. After that i find myself much more relaxed and can work more with the flow for the rest of the day -taking time to check emails and blogs when i want.

  • I love this. Seriously, it’s so how I feel right now trying to run my blog and my design business and do all the other real life crap I have to do.
    I’ve never worked harder in my life…

  • I love Dialogue so much! I was lucky enough to catch the first one a while back and I have been checking in for new posts since then!

    Everything that gets talked about is so true to how I live my life and im sure its the same for so many artists!!
    Huge fan!! :)

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