• Hahaha, plus they can breath underwater, like way longer! See this is why Men are nixed out, we are way too silly. I really do think that there are a lot of women in the art blogs, but it’s mostly because of their taste. I think women have better taste in hand crafted goods and interior design than most men do. It’s like saying, is there only male line-backers? Hah!

  • I’d love to see a part two on this, talking about whether you think your gender influences your art, whether strongly or subtly– if there are feminine and masculine characteristics to what you make, etc.

    Will greatly entertained me on this one!

  • Great Dialogue video, really interesting topic. The thing is if you’d ask me to name a few artists, illustrators, photographers, … Most names will be male… I think we’ve just come a long way, but I think towards the future it will be evened out.

    Oh and Will was hilarious…


  • ha, thanks all— so glad you’re enjoying the series. ha. will pushed the dork button so many times in his footage.

    love that guy.

  • This is great! And I also think it’s great that the online art/design world is so Pro Women! Why not? We rock, and its great that we’ve harnessed this medium to tell everyone.

    However, I would like to start designing some more gender neutral art. My recycled bead/sterling silver designs are geared toward women, obviously because it’s jewelry, but I’ve had men shop my designs too. It impresses me when this has happened, that these men see something different than I did in the creating process. It’s inspired me to consider making a men’s line now too!

  • I think Will is hilarious and it’s interesting to me that Lisa, Kelly and Erin took a more serious approach. Very telling. I think women, as a whole, more readily recognize the inequalities that exist around them. At my “day job” (very male dominated) it’s almost ridiculous how often women are underestimated or otherwise left out of decision making or problem solving/brainstorming sessions. I got a weird compliment the other day and it’s going on a T-Shirt I swear: “Wow, you follow directions really well !” um—thanks?
    It just make me work harder, and be better so that I can carve out my own business and make my own rules.

  • next time, will should dress up like a women and switch teams. he already seems to have all of our magazines ;).

    i do notice more women online, but i hope i evaluate all of the art i like regardless of gender. it should be about the work, but art is a business, and unfortunately, just like everything else, it’s not necessarily that simple.

  • The thing that I noticed right away about myself is that I am more likely to buy art if I know there is a connection between the artist as a person and me as a person. Often, that is accomplished by perusing their blog, looking at photographs they take, etc…and since this sort of access seems to be skewed more towards women, I am more likely to buy a piece from a woman. That doesn’t mean I’m opposed to buying pieces from men – I just don’t have the exposure to who they are in the same way that I do for women.

  • This is the first episode I’ve ever watched…HILARIOUS! Will has sold me and I’m definitely coming back for more. It’s pretty interesting, actually, when you consider the topic and then read all the quotes. Almost all of them say something about Will. Maybe that says something? Or maybe not and women just like a good sense of humor as much as the next man?

  • will is so great.
    i just saw the piece he did on his flickr. [:

    actually, you’re all great.
    just did a little catchup of the videos i’ve missed.
    keep them coming. i love getting the ‘inside scoop’.
    such an inspiration (ALL of you!)


  • this dialogue series is so interesting. Thanks!

    I’ve spent far too much time away from your blog, been too busy working. But I’ll hope to get the time to peek in here more regularily again not to miss out on these great things!

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