• I looooooooooooooooooove Will Bryant. I realize that the post for THIS video is the least appropiate place to say it.. hahahaha… but really he’s my favorite dialogue contributer….

  • oh, how cute is everyone in this weeks Dialogue?! Such lovely couples with some great advice. I think what I liked most was how giggly and smiley everyone was, and for me thats one of the most important things my boyfriend does for me, is just keep everything funny and good-humoured and he always finds ways to make me smile, even when I’m loosing my head x

  • so sweet, happy and wise! again, will seems to be in touch with his feminine-side like in the first video he did. very interesting ;)!

  • yay! this is the best. will bryant is HIGH-larious. and the browns? so cute with their “three things. . . .”
    here’s my question: what about those of us who do not have a significant other? i think i bring this up in any venue that seems remotely relevant (not as some kind of sob story, but as a real, honest question), and i’m really curious: where do the other singletons go for support with their art/life/money/ideas? is it possible to make a living making art as a single person?

  • so cool to see the ‘other halves’! in my case mine is my rock, the driving force behind the stuff i do…excellent one!

  • Oh man. I love this!

    I totally feel the “go into the vintage store and find anything” comment. Scott always rolls his eyes…but I convince him I’m not a total addict. Somehow :)

  • oh my gosh, i think that was the cutest dialogue ever! loved it ;) makes me miss my significant other (he’s in the jungle).

  • I agree, everyone looked so happy, in love, and totally supported by their significant other it is just to cute!

    And Laura, I think being single shouldn’t be an obstacle when you’re trying to succeed as an artist/designer/freelancer. I’ve done it for a long time. Also, It’s best to be with someone who supports you in every way possible or not to be with anyone at all, sometimes there can be partners who actually bring you down.I’m so glad this dialogue shows the opposite of that last idea.

    Jen looks so happy and giddy, it’s funny, he.

  • Oh I love this. It’s so good to see such supportive significant others. My boyfriend is especially helpful in getting me to relax and not work constantly.

    I love the topic that Laura brought up and to that I will say that I think it is important to find someone or even a group of people that you can trust to support you. My boyfriend is great but I feel like my biggest supporter is my best friend. She has a similar aesthetic, can make me laugh when I’m super stressed, and is always honest about my work.

  • The video was very funny, it made me miss my one person, little support base (he Skippers boats for work). It is nice to see people being supported, in both directions it seems.

    Oh Michelle… relaxing, that is not in my husbands vocabulary. His grandfather is a pretty famous sculptor/artist and has got where he is by hard work (and talent of course), so no real relaxing going on here. Despite that, he is very supportive (annoyingly forward and frank sometimes) and has looked after me when we were in France as I drew and painted and tried to get there. Nice to have someone that understands it is very important for you to do what you truly love.

  • loved this one, and to Will Bryant I say “…but can she cook?”

    I think that creating and making for me falls in as a significant other in a sense (when there are none to be found) , and so for us single ones there some hope :)
    however, friends and general supporters are invaluable for security, company and encouragement

  • hahah i love the browns, too. :)

    and laura, i am SO glad you raised this question and am so sorry it took forever to respond to you! i’m a firm believer in surrounding yourself with friends that can play the same role in life. family, parents, mentors, the same deal. perhaps even form a co-op for single artists [not to exclude, but to relate?] that vow to support each other in some of the ways significant others do?

  • I agree with Erin on this one! You don’t need to be in a relationship to feel supported – a best friend, a parent or a sibling works just as well! As my John said (finally.. ha ha!) you just need one person behind you 100%.

    Oh I should probably also mention that John’s last name is Fry so were not really the Browns. We’re married but I didn’t change my last name (which is probably a WHOLE other topic for Dialogues!) I guess if I hyphenate I would be a Brown-Fry… ; )

  • Fantastic segment!

    Get a dialogue going with artists who are also significant others! I’d love to see how other people handle the thin line between love and art!

  • If I haven’t already said so, I love Dialogue and this episode was fab! Really good insight into all of your lives… When’s the next episode? Can’t wait! :D

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