ian caulkett.

I hereby declare the next few hours as official Society6 time. Why? Three reasons:
(a). Because I can.
(b). Because it’s important to support local artists, and these prints are super affordable.*
(c). Because are you kidding me? Have you SEEN this awesomeness?

This piece* is called ‘Eye’ and was created by Tiptoe Collective, a London-based illustrative group (this is Ian’s piece).

Also, London — I’ve never met you, but I intend to someday. Save me a seat.

*Shoot — that was two reasons. But I’m going to count it as one, b/c I hate the letter (d).
**Do you see how well it matches my website? Oh, Ian. You’ve made this for me, haven’t you?

buy it:  SOCIETY 6
ian’s website: IAN CAULKETT

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