table for two.

There’s something strikingly romantic about this photo, isn’t there? I used to keep an entire photo wall of framed “chair portraits,” as I called them — all empty. Chairs, benches, sofas. Loved it.

website:  VIEWVILLE

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  • I don’t know what it is about chairs, but they are my greatest weakness! I love to look at them, take photos of them, drag them out of other peoples’ garbage and bring them home like stray cats…there are not enough rooms in the world to contain all the chairs I have loved!

    And I think I have Valentine’s Day on the brain, but something about these pink chairs makes me think of Dairy Queen dates and milkshakes shared with two straws…

  • Yes! Swing by! We’d love to have you visit!

    On the last page of checkout, tell us which print you want for FREE. And we’ll include it with your order!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

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