weekend mash-up.

This week was quite the doozy, yes? It’s rainy and dreary here, which is the perfect time to snuggle up to a few yummy links, right? Yes. I agree.

For starters, Google before you Tweet is funny, and sort of true, but eh. Don’t take Tweets too seriously and you’ll be fine. Although I suppose if you do Tweet something without fact-checking, you could wind up face down (yes, my new favorite blog of the week!) in a pile of shame.

Speaking of piles, I’d love to stack these totem pole cups with coffee and partake in an artful snack right about now (I wonder if the totem cup would fit in my new UBoard cupholders?). Or perhaps some toast would taste good. Under a tree. I bet that would make a fine installation for D. Billy’s site interventions.

Anyway, Design for Mankind is getting a new editorial calendar next week (just a nip/tuck… until April when the big reveal comes!). Similar to the nip/tuck of paper surgery actually, and nonetheless inspiring.

See you Monday!

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