weekend mash.

I feel like doing something a bit different here today, and since this is my blog, I’m gonna. How about I take you through a few of my favorite bookmarks that I’ve spotted over the week and simply haven’t had time to share with you?



Well, I should probably start by saying I’m in a very feminine, floral mood today. It’s probably a response to the fact that glum isn’t so hip anymore, so we all might as well start thinking pretty.

You know what’s pretty AND floral? A picnic. A picnic, indeed, complete with spiraled hot dogs and perfectly-stacked sandwiches. At night. Perhaps even with fireworks. And, of course, cupcakes for dessert. Weather permitting, of course.

Would you like to meet me there? Here’s a map. And don’t forget admission!

Happy weekend.

  • this made me all sorts of happy, for some reason…florals and cupcakes always get me.

    and now, so does the pursuit of a safer hot dog.


  • Ha! My fiancé had just sent me that glum article! However, as a student of psychology, I have to take issue with the statement that “most creative minds are unhappy (get ready for a little schoolin’). Being in a positive mood actually enhances creativity! While there is a hypothesis that being depressed results in self-reflection and rumination, which can often be the material or inspiration for great art, it’s not until we’re in a happy mood that we’re actually motivated to create (there, i’m done).

  • spiral hot dogs, indeed! :)

    and yes, sarah — i TOTALLY agree. i’m most creative when it’s raining, b/c that’s when i’m SUPER happy! :)

  • anyway ^^ what with my clumsy typing. like i was SAYING..

    fireworks! picnics! CUPCAKES! lady, you just made my day. i was feeling rather glum, until i read that article and thought to myself, “why am i so gray? i’m not even that HIP.”

    :] so, happy weekend indeed.

  • I am soo happy I stumbled upon your blog b/c I love it! You have really fresh content on every post and are such an inspiration! This was a fun way to share your bookmarks! I could totally go for a cupcake now!!!!!!

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