a sweet surprise for a lucky girl!

I may or may not have told you this yet, but Husband is a total surprise junkie. He’s like a bubbly Christmas elf — 24/7 (and yes — to the point where you sometimes need to smack him so he comes back down to reality). Either way, it makes for a super fun relationship, as there’s always a surprise up his sleeve (and I’ve been known to rock some serious surprised right back at him!).

Anyway, this weekend, Husband shared the BEST. SURPRISE. EVER. with me. I think I told you we’re converting the former kid’s bathroom into a master suite with sauna and bathroom, yes? If not, that’s what we’re doing. (Pics to come, as it’s a pretty amazing space). And although I loved the idea, I couldn’t figure out exactly how I wanted to decorate the bedroom in order to integrate the cedar sauna in the master bath (secret: I hate the color red and anything red-toned in the bedroom is a serious peeve in my home — so cedar? Problem.).

Anyway, I’ve been at a loss when it comes to decorating the bedroom, and I’m one of those people that needs a jumping off point to get started. In other words, I like my rooms to have a great architectural element to showcase, and the bedroom didn’t have one — except for the cedar sauna that featured a color I hated.

My solution? Put off my virtual decorating of the bedroom until the last minute. Husband’s solution? Make an awesome architectural element to inspire me to think of innovative decorating ideas. (He’s a gem, yes?)

So what was this big surprise? EXPOSED BEAMS. For the longest time, I’ve wanted exposed beams in my home and just never really found the right space to work them. But the bedroom? You guys, it’s perfect. A rustic charmer with exposed beams. I couldn’t be more excited.

So in honor of my new awesome ceiling, I’m spending the morning sifting through inspiration where I can highlight my new lovey architectural elements in the bedroom. Eeek! Want to see what I’ve come up with?:

[image credit: mimmi o’connell]

[image credit: house to home]

[image credit: alkemie]

[image credit: inspiring interiors]

None of these are 100% right on (some too French, others too decorated), but I think I’m loving the third in a big way. One caveat? We’ll be carpeting, because Husband thinks wood floors are too stark in the bedroom. BUT — I’m thinking I’ll place a giant vintage Suzani area rug in the space so the carpet won’t be quite as… boring.

Oh, the excitement is brewing!

p.s. I’ve dog-eared some serious gorgeous exposed beams inspiration in a back issue of Elle Decor UK that I’ll be sharing later!!!

p.p.s. I’m adapting a new rule to our bedroom, starting today. There will be no space for technology and I’m coining it a wire-free zone… completely. No wires allowed. Except, you know, lighting. Who wants to join me in a technology-free bedroom? (Vic — I’m looking at you, my fellow laptop-in-bed-junkie!). ;)

  • Oh, we have exposed beams and they are THE BEST. We also have carpeting and it’s not as horrid as you think. It’s actually grown on me. Pretty natural/creamy wool carpet…very nice. And we have a no technology rule, too! Your husband sounds pretty damn awesome. And, excuse me…a sauna???? With cedar walls? Can I be you when I grow up?

  • a sauna, yes!

    and you may. you may also come over for floor pillow sleepovers, if Husband goes for the basement idea (still working on that one…).

    and oh, i’m so glad carpet is working for you. i don’t know why i have such an aversion!

  • oh that’s brilliant!! i like the first one, but i’m a sucker for white everything. Makes me think of a beach house.

    Our bedroom is mostly un-wired. Although part of that is due to me breaking the wireless? and another part of that is that I won’t have TV in there. Champ does have his Nintendo DS though, and once we get the wireless unbroke? I’ll have my computer again I’m sure.

  • I like the first room with the white beams…so beautiful. I think you will appreciate the carpet on those cold winter mornings. Good luck with the reno and what an awesome surprise!

  • the technology for wind-up clocks has been around for so long. if you don’t mind the ticking, they are the best for a bedroom.

    ps – cookoo clocks are also wireless.

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