Kate MacDowell

Kate MacDowell creates the most stunning sculptures with porcelain, discovering that the “romantic ideal of union with the natural world conflicts with our contemporary impact on the environment.”

Also? I like to think there’s a koala directing my brain, too.

  • I’m a big fan of her work… she really does some amazing stuff. And I had an awesome dream about having a pet koala the other day – makes me love that piece even more!

  • A bit eerie, but so lovely. And did you know, the koala bear is the mascot of Columbia College (girl school, Columbia, SC)? Yep.

  • very cool! I feel like there’s something light + sweet about these. hmm, maybe it’s the white + texture?

  • I am going to set the year 9 sculpture students a task to critique Kate’s amazing sculpture: ‘bird lungs’, I will keep you posted with thier interpretations

  • What wonderful work! I also use ceramics as a medium and I am amazed at the different thicknesses incorporated in your sculptures. You must have a magical gift to prevent them cracking during drying and firing time. May I ask, what’s the secret?

  • You have quite elegant lines within your sculptures. I really appreciate the subtle delicacy that you have imparted on them as well. Unfortunately, a discrepancy appeared to me: why is an ear attached to the brain? This is anatomically awkward, and although I love the level of detail you have instilled in your work, I can’t seem to focus on anything more with that piece.

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