kilim me softly.

I should be working on the house right now, but instead, I’m dreaming of exposed beams and kilim rugs. Because in my book, there are few things more lovely than an antique kilim rug. I mean, doesn’t the patterned rug just MAKE this space?:

[image credit: the brick house]

I love it, although I secretly want to upholster my headboard in a kilim. Don’t tell Husband, b/c something tells me he wouldn’t love the look. Anyway, I have my eye on this one at eBay (only $1 w/ $89 shipping!):

It looks sort of normal from afar, right? Until you get up close to see…

“Look, Ma! No legs!”

Ahhh, design just kills me.

Anyway, we’ll see if I go through w/ the purchase. I’m thinking… no. It’s not the one. It’s not 100% perfect. But I’ll find one that is; don’t you worry!

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