let’s talk about mold, baby…

Forgive me, as these renovation posts are far from categorized chronologically, as we’ve been working on the home for four months before releasing it to you lovely folks. On the bright side, that means I know how the story ends (sorta). Down side? I can’t remember which steps we took first to turn this fixer-upper into a home.

What I do remember? Mold in the basement. Serious, serious mold. Horror film mold. Want to see a photo, just so you believe me? Here goes…

And no, that’s not some fancy watercolor pattern — that is 100% mold. And instead of giving you my take on how to get rid of it (which we did! successfully! and it doesn’t even smell anymore!), I’ll point you to an article I recently wrote about the experience.

Long story short? Mold can definitely be removed. Just be sure you get a stylin’ Hazmat suit.

While we’re on the subject of the basement, it should be said that Husband and I made a deal re: decorating decisions in the home. Although he has smashing taste 99% of the time, he is also incredibly practical and prefers function over form, which couldn’t be further from my personality type.* So, in an effort to keep the peace in our soon-to-be-non-moldy household, we made a deal:

I will submit to all decorating decisions re: the basement, and Husband will submit to my ideas in the rest of the home.

Good deal, right? I thought so, too, until I realized that Husband is a film buff and will undoubtedly want to install theater seating in my beloved basement. So, readers — I need your help. I plan to “coerce” Husband with a smart, stylish seating solution that will accomodate massive amounts of movie-watching.

Any ideas? What do you guys have in your home/basements? Comfy first!

*I graduated from university in bare feet b/c my heels were bleeding, thanks to my super stylin’ [non-practical] heels.

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