oh, bedroom love (again).

You’d think with all of the pining I do for my bedroom areas that there are no other rooms in the home (or no work to be done, for that matter!). And although I still have a crazy love for the bedroom I’ve already chosen to inspire ours, I sort of fell in love with another one this morning. And it looks nothing like the other. Well, shoot.

I suppose that’s what guest bedrooms are for, yes?

Anyway, my dear friend Kristen (who is probably the most gorgeous woman you’ll ever meet) at Simply Grove pointed me to this Living Etc. image today, and gracious you guys, is it not AMAZING?

I recognized the wallpaper immediately as a Vivienne Westwood, but what I really love is that patterned bed skirt/mattress frame. Anyone know where I can find that fabric? Of course! The fabric is a Lisa Bengtsson (thanks, Stefan!)

I love the idea of dressing up the bed skirt and frame, rather than the headboard, particularly if your ceilings are low (and yes! mine are!). Why not draw your eye to the floor, rather than the bed height (or lack thereof)?

Anyway, yes. I’m totally rocking this look in the guest bedroom. And then I’ll have two bedrooms so I can go back and forth with where I choose to sleep. Let’s see, shall I sleep in Sweden tonight or Paris?

  • OK….FIRST of all, that first bedroom inspiration rocks my socks and I am crazy in love with the lamp & the rug (and okay, all of it) THEN the second bedroom! I mean, it is SO chic, so elegant so fresh! I lurv it….( yes, LURV) and I cannot wait to see what you come up with. I don’t really think they are all that different….something about them, reminds me of each other. Maybe it’s the blues and creams? YUM.

  • oh you are so sweet, melissa! and yes, i’m seriously thinking of incorporating the two together! i mean, i want them both so badly! :)

  • I too love that fabric and idea. If you find out let me know. :) I’m trying to visualize what the frame is made of.

  • you know what, david? i’m wondering if the mattress itself is the part of the bed that is upholstered, and it sits directly on the floor?

    either way, it’s fabulous.

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