barn light electric.

One of my sweet, sweet sponsors for my renovation is Barn Light Electric, who have kindly sent over a plethora of pendants for my new dream kitchen.

Can I just tell you how hard it was to choose which to receive? I mean, gracious. I am in love with everything on this site. Everything.

Husband and I pored over the site for a good three hours, and at one point, we both threw up our hands and said — “Shoot! I don’t know; let’s just get a factory cart!”

We didn’t.

Instead, we settled on the ever-so-perfect fixtures for our kitchen. Behold, the Mini Artesia (in yellow!) and Brewster Pendant:

Adorable, no? Don’t you just want to name your firstborn after the sweet little Brewster? I’m in love, and they’re perfect for our industrial little cabin. I can’t wait to show you how they look (if Husband ever gets that kitchen finished…)

Thanks, Barn Light Electric!

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