kitchen stools.

[Image credits, clockwise from left to right: Radford Brothers, Art Supply, IKEA, Design Within Reach, Icelandic Market, Conran Shop]

I thought we’d talk kitchen today, because we’ve been talking bedrooms all week and I’m starting to feel a bit… forward, you know? Ha. Joke. Kidding.

Anyway, I haven’t shared much news about our future kitchen, but you should know it’s going to be seriously beautiful. One thing I’m still searching for? A few mismatched, vintage stools to pair with my lovely industrial Barn Light Electric pendants. You love them, right?

I love this photo and am craving a ton of stools for our laid back (and stark white) bar. Can’t you just see how lovely they’ll be, all lined up?

[image credit: i have no idea — help? and i call myself a blogger…]

So, you know — if you have a spare stool that needs some love (and some buns), you know where to find me!