master suite bath.

I’d say the room that has been hardest for me to decorate is the master suite. For the longest time, I’ve had my heart set on a giant free-standing clawfoot tub with a ruffled shower curtain and shaggy bath mat. Yet my husband? He wants a Finnish sauna. So the deal is, I get a big tub in the guest bathroom and he gets his sauna in our master suite.

Problem? I haaaate red-toned woods. I’ve never loved the color red, and the sauna will be cedar. Which has a bit of a red tinge to it.  Which puts me in a bit of a crisis mode, because my color scheme can no longer be white, white and white.

And after searching my inspiration files for anything that would work with cedar, I came up sorely empty-handed. Until I stumbled on this beauty:

[image credit: living etc]

Gorgeous, no? Won’t my Purist lav sink from Kohler look simply marvelous in the space?

And I so badly want a barn door. (Plus, chars in bathrooms are the new trend if you’ve got the room. Trust me.) So…. I’m smitten. Look for something very, very similar when the big reveal comes.

Eventually. ;)

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