pin it forward.

In lieu of today’s juxtaposition, I’m sharing what home means to me as part of Vic’s Pin it Forward project. Vic kindly asked me to kickstart another one of her insanely over-achieving social media projects, and I humbly agreed.

The participant list and line-up are here (along with a brief description/guidelines of the project) if you’d like to follow along, and the project involves my new favorite bookmarking tool: Pinterest.

So, what does home mean to me? Visit my pinboard here to find out (hint: it involves a few of my favorite things from dirty feet on clean sheets to laundry on a clothesline!).

And now? I pass my pinboard torch along to JennyM! Thanks for coordinating another fun little mash-up, Vic!

p.s. All image credits listed in pinboard!

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