prototype pick: iread.

Prototype Pick is a Thursday series where I choose my favorite prototype project and hope that someone reading will fund it! First up in the series?:

Alvar Sans’ iRead bookmark, which is pretty much the most genius “Why didn’t I think of that?” product I’ve seen in a long time. Why? It’s a bracelet and a bookmark, all wrapped up into one.

Apple, are you reading this? Fund.

  • hmm.. i’m not really convinced. first, why would i want to wear a bracelet with the apple logo on it? secondly, once it bookmark is on, say i throw my book into my bag…. it’s most likely going to fall off. plus, i want to close my book when i put it away… as not to harm the pages.

  • ha, my husband would be all over that (he’s an apple fan). he’d probably make me wear it as a bracelet though. very clever :]

  • I agree with kate. The design is not very useful, nor that elegant. Why would anyone wear a bracelet with an apple logo on it? and what if my wrist is big/small? and why would I want a bookmark to bend my binding like that, causing premature wear? also… what about hardcover books?

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