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I mentioned to you a few weeks ago that my dear friend Anne was helping me decide which direction to take my dining room, and boy — is she good. Seriously. If you’re re-decorating and need a kick in the pants, or if you need someone to help edit your wish list, email her. The girl’s insane (in the best of ways!).

The best part? She confirmed that my style isn’t absolutely horrid. Because I trust her aesthetic, I was thrilled when she nodded her head to many of the ideas I had already desired (i.e. stacked logs, white fireplace, gigantic farmhouse table). And then, where I was stumped, she filled in the gaps (lighting! gasp!).

So, a huge thank you to Anne, for being the catalyst that drove me out of bed this morning to create an inspiration board for our dining room. I’m pretty in love with it, and I imagine some things will change (b/c I’m fickle in that way), but if it stays this way forever? I’m a lucky gal.

[Image credits: iStock, YLighting, House to Home, Hermitage, Burke Decor]

So, stacked logs are a must. You guys know I’m obsessed. And the lighting? Anne decided I needed a design gem to tie the room together, and what’s more classic than the Nelson Saucer Lamp? It’s an extra large, so it will look stunning centered over the massive farmhouse table Husband is going to build me (he doesn’t know this yet… but trust me; he’ll have fun!). On one wall? Hermitage Random Geometry wallpaper, which I am head over heels in love with. And of course, my lovely sponsor Burke Decor is providing 8 Radman chairs for my gigantic farmhouse table. Lovely, yes?

So. Now that the basics are decided, I can have some serious fun with styling and art (my favorite!). I have some built-in bookshelves on the fireplace wall and am replacing one with a cubby for my floor-to-ceiling stacked walls. On the other side? Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!:

[Image credits: Bellacor, Amazon, Road to Mandalay, IKEA, Little Paper Planes]

I know, I know — it looks a bit black/white (but how well does that Alyson Fox print go with the wallpaper above? Gorgeous!). Color is usually the very last thing I inject into a space, because I like to work with a blank slate first. And the good news? I have a ton of black/white accessories from my old house, so I’ll be re-purposing a lot of that in my new dining room.

Besides, I’m toying with the idea of hanging vintage arrows over the fireplace, so color will definitely prevail.

What do you think? Do you love it? It’s getting there, no?

p.s. To keep the space light and clean, we’re nixing a rug and window treatments (for now). BUT — to bring some texture, I’ll be giving each chair a sweet, miniature sheepskin accent for comfort and style!

[All interior images from Sweet Home Style; if you know of their original source, please link in comments!]

  • such a wonderful collaboration girls! i’m so jealous of your dining room redesign- we’re chucking the few pieces of ikea furniture we have for some adult furniture after the wedding. i can’t wait to get started!

    want another project anne?? ;)

  • thanks, all! i love that gold, gilded look in the 1st photo, too.

    update: the wallpaper may or may not be framed as artwork over the fireplace, and we might watercolor some stripes on the wall in a charcoal/white pattern.

    you’ll have to wait and see! ;)

  • I love this post! The items in it are fantastic. The cool, soft colors mixed with a vintage modern look. I especially love the second picture with the dinner table, and blue eames style chairs.

    Great post.

  • Erin. You must stop. All this non-stop praise is going to swell my head, and then how will I wear the very chic fedora I have secured for my summer wardrobe?

    Love the inspiration board, of course! But what’s this I hear about framed wallpaper? Charcoal stripes? Are you going rogue on me, grasshopper?

  • Oh Erin! I love it! Then again you know that from our tweets today! Are you familiar with Modern Bird Studio’s art?! http://bit.ly/aT6EGw Thought you’d love it! I too am obsessed with the stacked logs!!!

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