think zinc.

Oh, man. Of all the places I find impossible to decorate, the bathroom is by far the worst. And I have no reason to complain, because my sponsor, Kohler? Amazing. Kohler has provided me with some of the most gorgeous sinks and fixtures on the planet, and instead of rising to the occasion, I’m fretting over the raising of the bar.

Silly me.

Anyway, I think I’ve settled on a guest bath design, and it involves this inspiration photo from House Beautiful:

I’ve already settled on the Cimarron sink for the guest bath (pictured below left), and I’d love to pair it with this Wisteria console (pictured below right), BUT, we’ll be needing a tad more storage than the console allows for. And because the guest bath will be our future children’s bathroom, I don’t trust the open storage solution.

Ideas? Should we tackle a custom job, or should I ditch my zinc dreams?

  • What a great sponsor! I wish my sponsors would give me new bathrooms. :)

    I’m not sure why you don’t think open storage would work with kids? I have three children, and I don’t see the problem… Kids don’t actually need as much stuff in the bathroom as us adults! They are fine with a pile of towels and a basket for toys. And some shampoo etc of course. But you know all the makeup, lotions, flat iron, blow driers and hair products that you have in your bathroom? They don’t need that. :) So I think open storage could work just fine!

  • i can imagine canvas containers underneath with names stenciled on them or some other kinds of kid art – handprints! will the zinc-like finish be ok in the bathroom? i hope so cause i like the idea.

  • Everything we’ve added to our home has been custom built by us – it’s the only way to get what you want. Go for it. I like open shelves – there are so many great storage options that can change the look to what ever you want.

  • no options for another storage item? I hate bathroom storage as well (our little apartment has..none) but I think the solution i always forget is shelving off the floor. A blank wall that you can put up some sort of shelving for storage? I’m with you, I love that open style storage space, and I’d hate to loose it, but that “tad more” of storage you need but don’t have? It could make or break a room.

  • I think open storage is a shortsighted choice. Children have a nasty habit of going up and acquring all the stuff you have. Zinc is truly fun looking but you have to be okay with how the surface looks with water marks all over it. I have renovated/designed more bathrooms than I can count and it is all about the function.

  • oh, you guys are so, so smart. i can’t wait to show you what we come up with (when we do!). :)

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