weekend mash-up.

Whew! Another week flew by here at Design for Mankind! We’ve been marveling altitude-measuring leggings and pining over lacy trees this week, and I’m hoping the inspiration will overflow into this hot, summery weekend!

You know what would make my weekend a whole lot cooler? If I was sporting a sweet FISH clutch and showing off a creepy-cool Violet Darking ring. I’d then travel to see Luke Elliott’s woodblock poster in person, maybe stopping at a wifi cafe to score a Nathan Turner Elite Leather Barkham Chair on One King’s Lane. I’d stick around to enter Amalia’s giveaway and then take a nature walk in hopes I could collect enough inspiration to materialize a Little Drifter for Booooooom. After an immediate trip to the dollar store, I’d call my husband to thank him for loving me and pick up a souvenir ship for the road.

Of course, by that time I’d be exhausted and wishing I knew how to quilt so I could retire to my home and create something beautiful. (Speaking of quilting, have you seen The Quilt Project?)

What will you do this weekend, friends?

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