look! a bath!

Husband took me to the renovation house for a surprise after dinner last night, and would you look at my early birthday present?:

It’s gorgeous, no? I couldn’t be happier (unless, of course, it came decorated with a big red bow, but alas — I’m not picky). We chose this model from Sterling for our guest/kids bathroom and I was honestly a bit unsure as to how it would look in the space (it’s a tiny room, but a huuuge shower/bath combo!).

I absolutely love it and can’t wait to take a hot bath in that luxurious Whirlpool! And as much as I love the shower/bath combo itself, I love even more what happened next:

Yes, that is Husband and what looks like himself…. well, soiling himself. In actuality, we were testing the 3-way valve and had no idea which hole (the technical term, I’m sure) the water would come spilling out of. To my sheer happiness, it was the one juxtaposed with his gentlemanly area and I spent the remainder of the evening laughing at his poor luck (and my good fortune!).

And this, friends, is why I love to renovate.

p.s. The handle you see in the bottom image is Kohler’s Purist valve trim, and you guys — it is beautiful!

  • Hee hee! to Ken. Seriously, that IS for sure a great looking bath!

  • i love your spacious bathtub/shower combo and with a whirlpool no less. but poor ken. does that count as ‘christening’ the tub as far as being the first to take a bath in it in flip flops no less ;)?

  • His “gentlemanly” area. Hahaha. Nice. Yes, we’re redoing our upstairs flooring and found a 25 year old dust mask under the padding when we tore up the carpeting. Renovating is a hoot (and by ‘hoot’ I of course mean… ridiculous)!

  • tell the Husband to protect the gentlemanly area at all cost, remodeling can be no respected of bodily locations!

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