three good things…

Since siding hell began, I’ve been trying to look past the 102 temps and sweat and aching back (really! I’m trying!) and see the bright side of things. Today, as we’ve finished just TWO rows of siding, I’ve found three good things I love about siding:

1. Tearing down existing siding can uncover some ridiculously cool signage. I’m totally using a photo of this logo as artwork in my future office!

2. I’m pretty sure we invented a new (killer!) yoga position. I like to call this one ‘Squatting Bull Hidden Tiger’ and it’s quite the workout. My yoga instructor would be so, so proud. Send on the royalties!

3. If we hadn’t rolled out of bed at 5am to beat the heat last week, we wouldn’t have seen the pretty morning fog.

It’s the small things, yes? Back at it — hopefully we’ll have more than two rows to share in a few days!

  • Thankfully, the mornings and days are cooler this week, so hopefully your two rows of siding are growing by leaps and bounds.

  • i still can not believe YOU are actually doing that, but it looks like it’s going to be gorgeous and everyday when you come home you’ll be so proud. sweat equity for sure. i like the logo, too. i also like that you’re not showing us any butt-cracks in those new yoga poses ;).

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