a vase for your finger.

File this under ‘total brilliance.’ Tithi created a set of vases where the “flower” is actually a ring and can be removed to wear.

I am in LOVE.

Link:  TITHI

  • I love that! Even just as a way of storing/displaying your jewellery! Particularly as buying stands to display work is so expensive!

    You’ve my geeky little jewellery brain wonder about the display possibilities :) Ta!

  • I can totally see how this idea could be born–we use flowers as jewelry all the time, why not jewelry as flowers. Really, men use jewelry and flowers for similar purposes–seduction, apology.

    The same general concept led to a hideous, red flocked rose with a chamber for hiding a pair of earrings–given to my daughter in 4th grade by a little boy.

    I’ll take one of these anyday–for whatever purpose! (Are you listening, Kevin?)

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