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Last week, I promised to share a bit more of myself with you, and I’ve been going back and forth with what that means for sometime now. And then I slapped my forehead b/c duh, I’m totally overthinking it. I’m going to just write whatever I want. B/c I can. So I will.

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to introduce you to ‘Autohairography‘, which is the memoir I’ve hoped to finish for… oh, like ever. (It also happens to be #37 on my life list.) I began writing my life story in my early college years and quickly realized, “Whoa. This is totally boring.” Nothing happened in my life. Well, very little happened. I was a pretty normal kid with a pretty normal teenage existence, and by the way, I hate the word ‘normal.’ So I’m going to try to stop saying that.

So, to make life more interesting, I realized that what I do have is probably one of the largest catalogs of hairstyles ever known to man. I’ve had them all — I’m like the poster girl for makeovers, and I love that about myself. So, I started writing about my hair. And my life. And how, in a weird way, my hairstyles sort of documented some pretty serious life stages and the two were often oddly intertwined. For instance, my first kiss happened to occur when I donned what I like to call ‘seaweed hair.’ And no, you can’t hear about that yet.

So anyway, over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing snippets of Autohairography. If you know a publisher, call me. Because this is a really, really good memoir. I’m totally not just saying that. You’ll love it.

Chapter one’s snippet to come tomorrow! Eek!

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