stop frontin’.

Actually, no. Keep frontin’. Because it’s time to focus on the front door (now that the mad siding chaos is complete), and I have totally jackpotted in this category. It’s true. I feel like I’m now Queen of the Internet and have found the pot of gold.

Does that make me a leprechaun, then? Perhaps.

Anyway, Crestview Doors. Go forth. Here’s the deal: You buy any old front door (fiberglass, wood, etc), or use your existing front door (we’re not doing that b/c ours is disgusting). And THEN, you buy this cute little window kit which will promptly solve all of your problems.

Why will it solve your problems, you ask? It will save your marriage. Case in point:

Husband: Erin, we have to talk about this. We need to get a storm door.
Me: No. I hate storm doors.
Husband: Yes, but you don’t want a glass front door, right?
Me: Right. Because I don’t want the mailman to be able to see me walking around in my bathrobe with my hair amess.
Husband: OK. But you love natural light.
Me: Yes.
Husband: So we need a storm door so you can keep the front door shut but still let the light in.
Me: No.
Husband: You have to decide which you need more: natural light or pride from keeping the mailman’s eyes at bay.
Me: No. Not deciding that. Go away.

And now, three weeks later, I don’t have to decide. B/c behold! The window kit that you install lets in natural light without eye contact from the mailman. B/c he can’t see in. B/c the glass is rippled or something.

Awesome, yes?

Even more awesome is the fact that these kits are so totally affordable (less than $300!) and have awesome designs. I love the Allandale or Brentwood, and Husband likes the full (go figure).

So here’s my plan: Buy a cheapie fiberglass door, dress it up with a Crestview door kit and paint it mustard yellow for a fun modern pop of color. I am so totally excited.

And then I’m going to pay the big bucks for a cool doorknob. Who will have the coolest front door on the block? THIS GIRL.

p.s.  I’m not being paid for this post, although I should be, b/c I now owe Crestview my firstborn son for solving all of my problems (and saving my marriage! And natural light! Yay!).