weekend mash-up.

[A $20 perpetual necklace from Beth is a perpetually sweet gift.]

Hi folks! It’s Friday, and I’ve been on a mad high since returning home from Mighty Summit earlier this week. Which means my head almost fell off a few times. It spins, you see, and then I have to adjust it so that it doesn’t fly off.

Anyway, I plan to spend a quiet weekend in (doing plenty of laundry, I might add) to combat the crazy in my head. It’s the good kind of crazy, but it’s still crazy. On my to do list? Reading Paper cover to cover, as well as Maira Kalman’s new read from Penguin. And then, while I’m on a paper roll, why not write send postcards to my parents on Ashkahn’s new cards and then update my Frankie diary? While coloring on downloadable coloring sheets, perhaps? Oh, the fun!

Of course, when I’m finished playing with paper I could play dress up with Kirsty’s new [awesome] crochet cuff and Beth’s perpetual necklace (thanks for the sweet presents, girls!). Or maybe I’ll learn to sew and enter Burda/Project Runway’s remake challenge? OK, let’s not get carried away. But if I did know how to sew, I’d re-create this INCREDIBLE wrap sweater from Civilized Wildlife. Eek!

Happy weekend, all!

p.s. Clowns are creepy, MODify/d is adorable, blowdryers are cool and bike prints are cute.
p.p.s. I love you.

  • OMG you lucky girl! Isn’t that sweater AMAZING? And soooo great to meet you, you pretty thing!

  • It’s a cute one — just placed order and got this auto-reply:
    “Your Order Number: 6”
    Isn’t that adorable??

  • Yes… head spinning is good because it means you have soooo much in there that you are going to share with us! happy days! no pressure ;) – what a cool pressie to mark an occasion..the perpetual necklace – very cool. cheers kari

  • Some lovely links in this one…I love the design on dreams and rubies, it just works. Dreamy and simple to the point…Beth’s necklaces are lovely and seem very easy to mix up with other stuff as well as being very affordable, thinking about buying one…Enjoy what’s left of the weekend…

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