#9? check.

Wow. This was a fun item to check off my life list, because come on. It involves eating. I’ve loved to eat for as long as I can remember, and my fave combination? Salty + sweet. Isn’t that everyone’s fave combo?

Anyway, I’ve never tried sea salt chocolate because I’m far from a connoisseur and the idea of bad salty chocolate sort of paralyzed me. Luckily, a sweet company* sent over three different types of fancy sea salt chocolate for me to taste.

You guys? Sea salt chocolate is the missing puzzle piece of life. Seriously. It completes all things incomplete. It may or may not be an illegal drug. I can’t say for sure, but I do know that if so, I’m definitely high.


*KartMe was kind enough to send over the sea salt chocolates that completed #9 of my life list. Pay them a visit please!

  • I know! I recently tried Vosges sea salt and goji berry chocolate bar. DEElicious! I don’t know how I’ll be able to eat chocolate wirhOUT salt from now on. I mean, I’ll suffer through, don’t get me wrong ;) but it won’t be the same!

  • I tried the lindt salted chocolate but I found that because it was really dark there wasn’t enough sweetness to balance out the saltiness. But then while I like a little dark chocolate, I don’t eat a lot so maybe it was just to high a percentage for me. Given your recommendation I might give it another go :)

    I do love salted caramel though, especially when it’s on caramel short bread, and while my gran will always make the best homemade, my favourite branded is Thorntons. It’s lovely. Just enough salt to stop it being sickly :) Yum Yum Yum.

  • once you have chocolate with sea salt or fleur de sel you can’t go back. and, it’s so much more sophisticated than m&ms & pretzels! i will visit them.

  • hahahahah i’m so with you! i don’t even like regular choc anymore. (ok i do. but not as much?)

    who am i kidding. never mind. ;)

  • i must be so far down under that i’m under a rock or something! salted chocolate? never heard of such a thing…well now i’m intrigued..better crawl out and experience it! see what you’re doing to me erin ;) cheers kari

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