autohairography: chapter ten.

Below is a snippet of my hope-to-be-published memoir, Autohairography. If you know of a publisher that’s nice and likes quirky girls, please email me!

[image credit: beaf]

hair creed.

1. Hair today, gone tomorrow.
2. Pomade makes perfect.
3. You can never be too blonde. You can, however, use too much Sun-In, and in that case, get thee to a salon at once or your luscious blonde will turn into a citrus orange.
4. A thousand brushes a day keeps the tangles away.
5. Do hair to others as you would have them do to you.
6. Condition, condition, condition!
7. When push comes to shove, you haven’t used enough hairspray.
8. Beauty is in the eye of the blowdryer.
9. A brush in the hand is worth two in the drawer.
10. If at first you don’t succeed, dye, dye again.

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