• The detail on these pieces is incredible….I can’t even begin to imagine the process of cutting, folding, gluing, and sewing by hand!

    The 3D paper sequin ensemble that Bjork is wearing on Bea’s website is just stunning. Thanks for sharing this wonderful inspiraton!

  • Of course Bjork would want in on this :) I saw a paper wedding dress at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria last weekend–and I once worked with a woman who literally never, ever wore the same outfit twice. This would work for her.

  • These outfits are so unbelievably stunning – it’s hard to wrap my mind around the fact that they’re made out of paper! I am curious – and hope this doesn’t sound rude because it’s honestly not meant that way – why the setting is not more artistic – because surely thought was given to that.
    And at a party – forget about worrying about red wine spills – just stay away from smokers!

  • i think b/c paper is seen as such an art form already, they really wanted to push the limits and showcase the pieces as wearable fashion.

    i dont know, but its interesting, yes? and ha! stay away from smokers! thats fantastic. :)

  • são muito interessantes me apaixonei
    o biel achou da hora e muito interativo!!!!

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