day 13: connect the dots.

Boy do I love this outfit. It’s one of my favorites, because it’s the perfect casual outfit for running errands, but kicked up just a notch. Also, I love when my summer blouses get to debut into the winter mix, b/c (a) they’ve never seen snow, and (b) they need to make new friends. I mean, that whole summer crowd is out of control.

And you know what? I never would’ve kept this polka dot blouse around for winter if not for this lovely little 30/30/30 challenge. That Kendi is on to something. But because I mix/match so much anyway, I thought I’d throw my wardrobe a curve ball and see if I could make my summer goodies work in the winter. For aforementioned reasons, yes, but also because it’s called a challenge and I wanted to make things challenging.

So, here’s to dear Kendi for inspiring my summery, polka dot blouse to make sweet love to my more wintery basics.

This outfit is the spawn of that love.

(It’s a girl.)

Above is an outfit for the30/30/30 challenge, which you can read about right here. You’ll find my outfit photos in this space, along with my experiences in living with less over at ReadyMade Magazine every Thursday. Enjoy!

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