day 17: pretty in paisley.

The title of this post doesn’t make sense unless you can see that the pattern of my jacket is paisley, velvet and fabulous.

And then I took the jacket off, which means the title really doesn’t make sense now:

And before you call me Casper, you should know that it is approximately -30 degrees here. Approximately. Gallivant jacket-less in that kind of weather and you’d be ghastly ghost-ish, too.

Let’s talk about this jacket, guys. I’m sort of trying to avoid my habit of shopping endlessly at Target and picking up bundles of $10 tops just because they’re $10. And this relates to my jacket. I’m getting there. Hold on.

This jacket was like, a billion dollars or something. I remember it really hurting my wallet when I first bought it, but it fit like a glove and was just so transitional and perfectly vintage that I simply fell head over heels. Plus, velvet. Do I even need to further coerce you?

Regardless, I’ve had this jacket for eight years now. Eight! Years! That’s an eternity in my revolving-door-of-a-closet. And it’s not because I still love it like I did the first day we met. It’s that I invested a legitimate amount of cash into it, so I sort of have to keep it around.

And even though I didn’t wear it for oh, like six seasons when I lived in L.A., I’ve grown pretty fond of it again after discovering it in the back of my coat closet.

I don’t know what that means. Perhaps I’m saying it’s good to hold on to your clothes for a long time, b/c eventually everything comes full circle and you’ll love it again? I mean, really. Eight years. I used to think fashion trends cycled around every 20 years, but this jacket is still going strong after eight. What does that mean?

Help, fashionable friends. Tell me what that means. Am I keeping it because I spent a ton on it? Or am I keeping it because its awesome? How do you know what to keep and what to toss? Eek! So many questions.

Above is an outfit for the30/30/30 challenge, which you can read about right here. You’ll find my outfit photos in this space, along with my experiences in living with less over at ReadyMade Magazine every Thursday. Enjoy!

  • Well, I love it….maybe because I am a sucker for velvet? If you had paid $39.99 at target for it would you still keep it? If yes, then there is your answer I think….this oufit is adorable by the way, but no surprise there! ;)

  • I’m loving these shorts! And they’re on sale for $8! I’m sending the boyfriend a not so subtle email with the link, size, and color choice as a Christmas present option. Heheh

  • That coat is gorgeous! I think both reasons are good reasons to keep the coat…the fact that you LOVE it is reason enough!

  • i really love this outfit … the tights, the shoes,the shorts, the PAISLEY COAT (come on) and your cute mug, too ;)!

  • i say as long as you’re still wearing it, you hang onto it. if it’s wasting away in the back of the closet, that’s a different story…then i rely on what i spent. if it was a pricey item, but has gone out of style, i hold onto it….these things nearly always come back! but if it was a bargain find, and not terribly good quality, i’ll toss it.

    that velvet coat is a classic, my dear…never toss it out!

  • I think it simply means that you love the jacket, regardless of how much you paid for it.

    It also means that they used to make QUALITY clothes back in the day; ones that don’t come apart after 10 washes. Eight years and counting!

  • Erin: It is time to TOSS that jacket…….TO ME!!!! Hold onto it for dear life. It’s 100% fabulous. And I think velvet is illegal in L.A., so no surprise that you didn’t wear it there. Just believe in your visionary powers that you bought it back then to lie in wait for a cold, cold, -30 climate (the type of place where velvet still is acceptable in, say,….July). It’s perfect, and has all “your” colors in it. Keep! Keep! Keep!

  • This whole outfit is totally awesome. The jacket is amazing. I love how your outfit matches the jacket so well. I think your color combinations are totally unique and cool!

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