my 2011 goals.

OK, Erin. A 2011 to do list for you, from you. Perhaps talking to yourself in first person should be gracing the list below:

1. Stop using emoticons. No, really. Quit it.
2. Avoid the word “got.” It can always be replaced with a better alternative.
3. Drink as much coffee as you’d like and stop feeling guilty about it. It’s delicious.
4. Make your bed daily.
5. Join a book club (can be online). Read assigned books in said book club. No cheating.
6. Walk George and Bernie at least four times a week.
7. Stop picking at your cuticles. It’s gross and you’re going to get old lady fingers.
8. Throw a party.
9. Make a habit of sending postcards to unsuspecting friends.
10. Let’s try and stop with the impulse purchases and boredom-induced shopping, OK? Great.
11. Minimize complaining.
12. Plan your dream vacation with Ken. You two deserve it.
13. Dance party daily.
14. Finish one entire tube of lipstick before switching colors. You’re getting totally ridiculous, you know?
15. Have some fruit for breakfast once in awhile; it’s not gonna kill you, Loechner.
16. Get behind the camera every day. You don’t have to be a photographer to catch a memorable moment.
17. Start living a real life, instead of an Internet life. No more weekend working.
18. Moisturize nightly, preferably with something lavender. You’ll sleep sweetly.
19. Finish reading The Renaissance Soul. You liked it, remember? Pick it back up.
20. Tackle ten items from your Life List. Ready, set… GO.


  • All of this emoticon hate is making me want to use THREE TIMES the emoticons, you know that? :D :) ;) XD

    17. Go to New York City for non-work reasons. And go out for dinner and drinks with Anna and Evan while you’re there.

  • I’m totally working on the same kind of goal list for 2011 (mine is prominently featuring the goals of taking my vitamins and wearing moisturizer at night).

    Can I borrow the stop using emoticons list? Because I SO NEED TO STOP TOO.

    Also, I love the first person approach to this. Can I borrow that too?


  • don’t be too hard on yourself erin – it’s not 2011 yet!

    i need to start on my 2011 list…i’ll review last years since i know i bombed a few things. also, slow readers book club is a good one online – i joined last year (although i only read two books – hopefully this year will be better).

  • Love the list! I’ve been compiling mine since October, but I need to finish and publish it this week (so that the interwebs hold me accountable). I, too, would love to join a book club, but I can’t seem to get any of my friends interested in doing it.

    And instead of emoticons I need to ration my exclamation points. I’m a serious offender.

  • YAY!

    kristin— we should totally just start our own book club. only cool people allowed. (smiley face.) ha.

    and lillian — YES! no more coffee guilt! deal!

  • 1. Oh Erin, it’s hard to bust the habit. Seriously, yo. Give yourself some time to wean off the semicolons.

    5. Have you tried goodreads? It’s pretty rad. You can find book clubs in your area, or (even better) corral all of your friends and have once-a-month book club meetings using the multi-user video chat on Skype.

    7. Spend ten minute a night giving yourself a hand massage with some lotion to baby those cuticles. Listening to Radiolab at the same time is a good idea, too.

    8. YES. Parties are the best. BEST.

    15. I’m currently addicted to mango lassis for breakfast. It’s yogurt and mango. How can that be bad for you? Nope. It can’t.

    16. Amen. I want a new camera to replace my doorstop of a camera, but if I don’t take the time now, why should I spend $500 on something new?

  • Lose no.4, its unhealthy to make your bed.
    Physically and mentally.
    I promise, I do not lie.

  • i love them! especially number 9, 17 and 18.

    #18 – i suggest organic rosehip oil on your face @ night… its sooooo beautiful and sinks in instantly!! has worked wonders for me :) then dab some lavender essential oil on your wrists and neck for the smell factor :)

    and can we add in a point in about LESS FACEBOOK IN 2011!!!?

    hope 2011 is a magical year for you xxxx

  • Can I house sit for you while you are on your dream vacation? YOU control this list. You want and deserve it all…and even more. P.I.

  • You! You just can’t help it, can you?!! You just gotta go and be all charming and stuff! OMG… this list has me grinning from ear to ear! Happy New Year, Erin! :)

  • Yes! Make your lists! Excited to read them.

    And P.I. You are cute, and the best Dad ever. :) (And yes, you may house-sit, as long as you watch Bernie. He only likes you, you know.)

  • Loving your #16! I tried to do this a lot this year and came to discover that I’m actually pretty good behind the lens! Great List Erin!

  • Love the list. Ditto on the coffee – it IS delicious and I’m going to make the same promise to myself this year.

  • I overuse on the the emoticons as well. :P Also, exclamation points!!!! See what I mean? It’s total abuse.

    Love your list, sweet E!

  • Absolutely love this list! You’re a funny girl..I like that. BTW, you’ve now inspired me to do the same on my blog. I will def. give you props!

  • What a list!! It’s funny, this very week I’ve told myself to stop feeling guilty about drinking so much coffee. I don’t drink nearly as much as many of my Starbucks customers do, so there! I really hope you guys do get to go on vacation. You’re right, you totally deserve it.

    A party thrown by you would be super fabulous and that would have to tie in with your “take more pictures” goal, so that we can all see the loveliness :)

    Happy early 2011!

  • 21. No more weekend working!
    (it really does deserve/require it’s own category)

    You are an inspiration, thank you.

  • Hi Erin! Love ur list, love ur website! Thx for the reminder of walking the pooches, I intend to do the same w/Maggie. How’s the house coming along? Peace, love, good health & all that good stuff to u & the fam’ for 2011. Dana

  • Well done! I make a list every week and it keeps growing. Seems like I accomplish one thing and then find two more I need to add on! It use to frustrate me, but now I focus more on the accomplishments and I’m happy!

  • I have to admit… Renaissance Soul is still sitting on my bedside table, too. Picking that up tonight – let’s finish this!

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