scalloped collars and vibrant patterns.

I have a thing for collared loveliness. A dress could be absolutely hideous, but throw a peter pan collar on it and I’m swooning.

So you can imagine my excitement to find a scalloped collar on a pretty pattern. Two in one? Bonus.


  • i’ve seen this look done on tshirts: it looks really amazing when you add it to a recycled shirt. hmmmm winter project for spring wardrobe?

  • that orange collar is making me growl at the screen that it’s not mine! good find e-star!


  • @Rachel: I want to learn too! 2 thoughts I have are to sew 2 t-shirts, collar to collar (mirror image); then trim the one you actually want AS the collar — the other is to put one shirt inside the other and sew the collars together, then trim the outer shirt into desired collar. Is there a better/easier way?? Would you go w/ machine stitching or hand stitching? Thanks!

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