life list update: #16 (almost done!).

I’m still busy crossing off this super important item off my life list (thanks to Jack Cards!*), and wanted to give you guys an opportunity to do the same. A few of you have emailed asking me how exactly Jack Cards works, so I thought I’d give you a quick rundown:

1. Sign up for a free account right here* and input your friends’ bdays, anniversaries and the like.
2. Jack Cards will send you a notice when a friend’s special date is coming up.
3. Choose to (a) have Jack Cards send a note to them directly, or (b) send a pre-addressed and stamped card/envelope to you to handwrite and send out yourself.
4. Done! Easy, wam-bam, awesome.
Happy snail mailing! I’ll check in with you next week to share a few fun responses from thankful teachers that already received their thank you notes. So great to make a former educator smile!

*Full disclosure: Jack Cards provided the thank you cards I’ve been sending to my former teachers. Huge thanks to this innovative company!

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