life list update.

I forgot to write down my cliche meanings yesterday, but I’m making up for it with a new project. Because #16? Check, check and check:

My friends at Jack Cards contacted me over the holidays to ask if I wanted to participate in a 30 Day Gratitude project. And you know what? It’s always a good time for some gratitude, so I thought this would be the perfect time to finally send notes to all of my former teachers.

I narrowed down the list to my top 20 favorite teachers that taught me about life, love and how to perfect the cursive “s” (thank you, Mrs. Burchett!). Then? I sent over the contact information to Jack Cards and received a package in the mail a few days later:

Twenty pre-addressed, pre-stamped cards ready for a quick note and a drop in the mail. Totally easy, right? I’m amazed.

Anyway, for the next four weeks, I’ll be sending a note each weekday to a favorite teacher. Care to join me?


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