5 reasons to say “yes!” today.

Not sure whether or not to swipe up the next opportunity that comes your way? Read on.

I get asked quite a few business-related questions, but one of the most common is often money-related (yes, we’re going there). More specifically, “Erin, how do I know if I should charge for this speaking opportunity?” or “Should I write this guest post even though I’m not being paid?”.

And although I can’t tell you what to do, I can tell you how I gauge each opportunity that comes my way. Behold, the 5 reasons to say “Yes!”:

1. Passion
So, you were asked to speak at a super slammin’ conference. Awesome! Yet the directors have zero budget. Less than awesome. But still awesome, because if you happen to be super passionate about meeting folks in your industry, mentoring others with your above-average knowledge or just getting the heck out of dodge, you’re in luck. Say yes to passion.

2. Credibility
An exciting email just flew into your inbox and a big brand company that you love wants you to appear as a guest writer in their new blog series. No pay, and a lot of work is involved. Yet by aligning yourself with this brand you admire, you’ll up the credibility factor in terms of audience trust. After all, if “Big Brand” believes in you, who wouldn’t? Say yes to credibility.

3. Exposure
Your former university has asked to profile you in their next alumni magazine. It requires a lot of travel, phone calls and a photo shoot. Yet you’re guaranteed a new audience that has something in common with you in that you attended the same university. Say yes to exposure.

4. Money
A corporation is paying you a fair rate to review their product for an upcoming soft launch. You’re not particularly passionate about the subject, and exposure isn’t involved. Say yes to money.

5. The Wild Card
This is for the risky folk. A company you sort of like has offered to fly you out to visit their showroom. You’re not being paid or promised exposure/credibility, and you’re not particularly passionate about the subject at hand. But something in your gut feels excited at the future opportunities that could stem from this event. Say yes to the wild card.

An important note to remember: Your “Yes!” reasons will mold and shape as you grow. Three years ago, exposure might have been more important than money. Now, passion comes first. Let your gut dictate your reasoning. Always.

Lastly? Rarely does an opportunity to possess all of the above properties, but sometimes you’ll be pleasantly surprised. In that case, definitely say yes.

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