my favorite chanel nail polish.

I’ve never donned Chanel nail polish, so I can’t attest to the awesomeness. I did, however, wear a Sonia Kashuk shade this past weekend and I swear I needed a belt sander to take it off.

p.s. This Samantha Hahn print is adorable, no? That’s what I was getting at.


  • i really had to laugh reading your post… had you use a sander once when i was wearing some polish with sparkles in it… a sales girl in a perfumery didn´t recommend chanel nailpolish (in an very heavy bavarian accent by the way), she said it would chip so easily – i haven´t tried it, but the print is adorable.

  • I will have you know that as a person who has worn both Chanel and Sonia Kashuk polish, the latter is far harder to get off. Which is good if you want to keep your manicure going but bad if you want to like change colors or something crazy like that.

  • i HAVE worn chanel polish, so can tell everyone with confidence that is worth EVERY extra penny you spend over the sonia kashuk stuff! :)

  • OMG! Relative merits of actual nailpolish aside, what I didn’t realize until I clicked through the link is that this is NOT a photograph!!!

    From the artist’s website: “Samantha’s vibrant illustrations intertwine delicate pen work, dreamy colored inks and watercolor, and feminine subjects.” Holy Photorealism, Batgirl! So I’m hoping these colors do exist outside her imagination….

  • am always looking for nail polish that doesn’t chip the day after. love samantha’s work. a real talent.

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