a blue forest (& bye for a bit!).

I spotted this blue forest that sweet Jan snapped in Vancouver and immediately became re-energized. This world can be so beautiful, yes? Kudos to Australian artist Konstantin Dimopoulos for creating the installation.


Speaking of re-energized, the next few weeks around here are going to be a whirlwind of crazy. We have an important photo shoot in our home for one of my favorite print publications next week, so you can imagine there will be quite a bit of scurrying about and finishing last-minute projects before the crew from New York arrives.

We’ll be moving in the day after our photo shoot and will welcome our favorite L.A. friends less than a week later — after I return home from a 3-day conference in New Orleans (clearly, we’re poor scheduling planners!). We are so excited to prep the guest rooms and put on our hosting hats, although we have a lot to do before then.

All of this to say that things might be a bit more quiet than usual around here as I unpack, nest and try to furnish our home in just a few days. Bear with me.  I’ll still be delivering some artsy goodness and updating you with our progress, although I more than likely won’t be posting six times daily (which I realize is completely nuts anyway — I have a problem) over the next few weeks.

BUT FIRST! I’m headed to Nashville with some lovely ladies for a pre-moving-craze getaway where picnics, photo shoots and cupcakes will ensue.

I’ll check in when I return next week! In the mean time, what’s going on your way? Gracious, I feel like this relationship is so one-sided all of the sudden! ;)

  • so many exciting things coming your way! of course hard work makes it even more enjoyable. we’ll miss you but cherish your time away. it’s rare, right? :) have a blast in nashville, too — love it there!

  • Here is some internet champagne for you both and your awesome new house! ( ) Imagine it being right there.
    And lots of hearts for your exciting journey!

  • oh no! of course I decide to contact you just as you are about to be even busier than normal! have fun and good luck with it all!

  • Ah – so many adventures, so little time! You’ve got so much excitement in your life right now and it’s important for you to embrace these special moments! Thanks for letting all your readers know (and for making us a bit jealous too!).
    It’s a hectic time all around…maybe our paths will cross in New Orleans. I’ll be there for almost a week beginning on the 7th.

  • Holy cats girl, its’ just about go time!! Rest up because it’s about to get real! PLEASE let me know how I can help. Perhaps I could bring some food over…or a box of candy bars?

  • aww thank you guys for understanding. you are the sweetest things ever! i’ll be checking in periodically so we can chat about the crazy! :)

  • How exciting to see one of my very own photo’s on DFM! It is an energizing place – wish I could take you there!

  • Good luck with everything.
    Completely understand. Now It’s only 10 weeks until I show my collection I’ve ran out of time for my poor blog :o(

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