a weekend treat for you.

Sometimes, inspiration is free. Other times, it costs $50.

For those of you who follow me on Twitter (hi, friends!), you’re no stranger to my flash mob e-sessions.* They’re quick, fun and a great way to get a daily dose of caffeinated**, inspiring and passionate advice. And for $50, you can reserve yours for next week, as I’ll be running them daily (5 spots each day!) alllllll week loooooooong.

The deets are here, but I’ll spell it out right now: (1) Email me with subject title ‘e-session.’ Tell me your problem/roadblock/future goals/what you need help with. (2) I’ll respond with a “Yes, I can help!” or a “Nope, you’re crazy.” Kidding. I won’t call you crazy. (3) You say “Awesome! GO.” (4) You receive a completely awesome email back from yours truly, complete with inspiring wisdom, advice, action steps and more. Completely customized for your life. In 48 hours or less.

Cool, yes? I know. And way cheaper than retail therapy. So — if you’re in a funk, email me and let’s get you back on track.

Happy weekend!

*The “e” stands for Erin AND electronic. Oh, puns!
**I’ve been known to caps lock a few times in these e-sessions, so beware.

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