crazy sick.

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Pardon the radio silence — I’m sick. I knew it was coming, because I’ve managed to cram 4,523 big life events into two weeks and any normal person would’ve crumbled under the pressure, too. (Except for my husband. Surprisingly, he’s whistling like the jolly man he is — untouched by germs. How is this fair?) Regardless, my body gave out Sunday and I’m doing my best to recuperate before I leave to speak at a conference in two days.

Send well wishes and get better soon ideas in the comment section?

  • oy! i got a nasty cold when i was honeymooning five years ago – the stress of wedding planning caught up with me. thankfully we had a few nice days together before we were running to the drugstore from our cabin in the middle of now-where for decongestant. funny how our bodies react to events in our life. hope you feel better soon, rest lots!

  • feel better darlin’!
    lots of tea with lemon and honey. and get that whistlin’ man to make you soup.


  • Sleep, sleep, sleep. Your body was like, “HEY YOU! CHILL OUT!” And now you are.

    I also swear by that Vitamin Water that is the Vitamin C one (I think it’s called “Mega C”). And Zicam lozenges (they are disgusting, but really help…I had an awful cold before I was going to teach, and dosed myself on sleep, Zicam, and Airborne…I was all better in 2 days, I swear).

  • Oh no! Get well soon so you can enjoy your new space! (This is cheesy but I swear it works – close your eyes and with your mind direct all your white blood cells to where it hurts.)

  • Stress is such a poopface to the body. It’s good to know you’re not an alien though, one can never be too sure! ;p
    I usually just drink tea and cuddle up on couch with a book.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  • Oh no! Poor you. :(

    I’ve been under mega-stress lately, too, and I really hope I’m not headed for sickies.

    Feel better soon! xox

  • thank you sweet dears! i slept for a bajillion hours today, so health is right around the corner (i hope?)!

  • I hope you feel better very soon, Erin! My suggestion would be to burrow under the covers with a cup of tea and some great old movies or period dramas to watch… hopefully they will distract you from what ails you for a little bit :)

  • hope you get better girlie! it’s gross but i always do at least a couple cloves of garlic a day when im sick.sometimes mix with warm water,cayenne pepper and honey. the easiest way is to chop and put in a spoonful of mashed potatoes and swallow.

  • Sending healthy vibes your way……Feel better soon. If I could, I’d send you my just-the-right-amount-of-fuzzy-on-the-inside socks, reserved only for comfort on sick days…..Don’t even think about what’s ahead on your calendar, unless it speeds up healing. Enough stress already!!

    Also, if you can get your hands on some white tea — brought me back from a 3-week nasty in the Fall. And push fluids — drink so much that you feel like you’re always on your way to the bathroom for a day or two. :-)

  • Get well soon, dear!

    And do try to get a lot of rest. That will help your overwhelmed body for sure.

  • ginger tea. get fresh ginger root, chop up (or grate on those fancy ceramic graters) the amount you can handle, pour boiling water over it, when it cools down add honey and lemon and drink. drink lots. you will not believe how much goodness it will bring.

  • Awwwww Erin. I hope you’re feeling better, sorry to hear you’ve been under the weather. Be well soon sweetie, lots to look forward to. Dana

  • Sparking water with Emergency C is always a delightful feel better cocktail. Hope you feel better soon. <3

  • Travel and your big move-in (on camera to boot!) sap ones energy and deplete the immunities. Get lots of rest, eat comforting healthy foods, drink lots of water & coconut water. Get well soon. Sending healing vibes ~ ❀ ~ ❀ ~ ❀ ~ and flowers.

  • Aw, crappity, Erin! I’m right there with you! Got kicked last Friday and today is my first day with a temp below 101! :( I am feelin’ for you and how! Virtual chicken soup heading your way. :)

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