where’s erin?

Holy moly. Thanks for your patience, friends — this move has been a crazy one. Photographic evidence above and update below:

1. Photo shoot went extraordinarily well, although we had two near all-nighters prepping for the crew to arrive. Because we’re procrastinators. And crazy.
2. Moving day also came and passed without a hitch. There are now roughly six square feet of surface area in our home that do not have a box resting upon it. In other words, I’ll be rather silent this week as I dig myself out of the cardboard. Like a mole. Or beaver. I can’t remember which animal is worse at that kind of thing.
3. My email inbox is insane, so if you’ve sent me a note, (a) I love you, and (b) I’m sorry for not responding in a timely manner. Blame it on the mole-like fingers that make typing difficult. Or something.
4. I haven’t slept much, so does this post make sense? Feel free to copy edit in the comment section.
5. The aforementioned email inbox has an incredible amount of awesome art/design submissions resting in it, so this week I’ll be back to posting the awesome. In between shots of espresso and clearing away massive amounts of clutter so I can find my shoes again.

And next week? Next week I’ll be completely on top of my game. Perhaps.

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