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Although you really should be out gallivanting in this beautiful weather, if you choose to stay inside, I won’t judge. Here are a few links to keep you busy this weekend…

1. University student Zathew Zheng’s graduate collection debuted at London Fashion Week — gasp! This girl has promise.
2. Brooklyn-based designer Rachel Rose’s hand-painted silk tops are perfect for a charming night on the town. (via Inattendu)
3. Gala’s summer essential list has me reeling for an ice cream cone, sunblock and some serious color.
4. Clare Shields’ patterned bugs are just the ticket to cure my arachnophobia.
5. This Rubik Credenza is aspirational in price, but inspirational in looks. A DIY, perhaps? (Great job, Ricardo!)
6. Allister Lee and the world’s largest black marker collection.

See you Monday!
(p.s. My Portland workshop deadline is TODAY, so if you’re interested, sign up in a jiff! See you there!)

  • I should be developing a blog for our vacation rental this weekend, but I also tend to procrastinate! Hmm…you’ve just given me 6 good reasons to throw in a little fun with work! It is the weekend afterall, yes?

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