color of the week: tomato red.

Tomato red is one of the few shades I’m continually drawn to. Bright pops of red with a hint of orange, here are my favorite finds in the tomato red family!:

1. Sun-Kissed Canvas Belt ($42) at Madewell
2. Hunter Original Tall Boots in Glossy Red ($125) at ZOE
3. Nixon TimeTeller Watch ($60) at Boardco
4. Red Wayfarer Sunglasses ($9) at Retro City Sunglasses
5. Infuser Teapot ($21) at English Tea Store
6. Zak Designs Happy Spoon ($5) at The Great Indoors
7. Bok Indoor/Outdoor Chair at Dezeen
8. ACNE Aquata Shorts ($235) at Shop Paste
9. USB Calculator ($54) at A+R

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