• I just wanted to tell you your blog is really inspiring- you’ve introduced me to great artists and designers, and has opened my eye to look at things with a new perspective. Thank you so much! Love these shoes as well–genius!

  • Shoes are the one area in my wardrobe that I find it harder than normal to step outside of my comfort zone (black just goes with everything :( but these shows make it seem so much easier! <3

  • I thought that these were made out of glass.

    “HEY, LOOK!, I found Cinderella’s slippers!”

  • Haha. I immediately though of Beech Street. Have you ever seen the movie?

    Imagine a pimp-like character strutting the boulevard with 3-4″ 1970s platforms. Within the heel is a goldfish swimming about. Yes, goldfish. But his strut is off and he looks like a fool to the surrounding homies when the fishbowl heel breaks.

    I can’t seem to find anything online about this film. HHmmm…did I dream it?

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