MYkind: a mission statement.

A few months ago, I wrote a post about how I was trashing my life list. It became joyless, and the second things become joyless for me, I’m out the door. (I’m also really good at quitting things. It’s both a blessing and a curse, trust me.)

Anyway, a sweet reader emailed me a few minutes later, suggesting that I live by a mission statement, rather than a list. I loved that idea. A personal mission statement of sorts. Rings a bell, yes?

So I came up with one. Presenting, a mission statement for my life, influence and career:

I will encourage the discouraged. I will befriend the friendless, include the excluded and feed the creatively starved. I refuse to take life too seriously. At the same time, I will honor its weight. I will respect the time I am given. I will live a purposeful life. I will actively seek joy.  I will support. I will smile at strangers.

I will smile at myself.

Did I miss anything? Whats on your mission statement? Tell me, tell me!

  • That looks like the best and most inspiring mission statement I’ve ever encountered. I’ve started life lists so many times, but they always overwhelm me. I wonder if a mission statement is more up my alley.

  • explore, fun, wisdom, joy
    whimsicall escapes, forests, clouds, rivers, mountains,daylight, nightlight
    friends, memoires, smiles, fullfillment(is that even a word?!) steady.ness(?), change, flow, freedom and sense.

    guess, jejejeje
    good to see u back ;)

  • Wow Erin…this is really perfect and lovely. And I agree with Holly. I feel lucky to know you. :) You do all of those things and I can say for one that you have been such an encourager for me.

  • Such a great way to approach things. My mission statement has been evolving over the past few years, but here are a few things that would go on it someplace: compassion, a sense of humor, unconditional love, the willingness to help those who need help, the importance of living in the present moment.

  • I don’t know you very well, but this mission statement already reflects all that I know about you. The great thing about it is that it reveals a beautiful person both inside and out. Keep doing what you do and life will take you even further than you could ever imagined.

  • I’m giving you a virtual hug. This blog is such an inspiration for me as a newbie in blogging. love it so much.

  • I love this, Erin. It sounds just like the Erin I see online and the Erin and I would expect in person, should I ever be fortunate enough to meet you in person. Keep being you, sister, because you are awesome and we all need you. ;-)

  • Beautiful, Erin! I especially like how you will honor the weight of life. Joy and happiness without flippancy. That’s just perfect. I too, feel fortunate to know you.

  • God, Erin. I love you. I think I would like to get your mission statement tattooed on my forehead. You can sign it and everything.

  • What a unique idea. Somewhere in my statement of purpose/mission statement/mantra would be: May all I think, say, and do overflow with love and compassion.

  • What a great list Erin…very soulful, quiet and thoughtful. Another writer mentioned compassion – yes I would add that too. Maybe something about connecting to those close to us and those far from us – the global community.

  • it feels like you took the words from my mouth.. you are very inspiring to me in every way. i think it would make me a better person if i would read this and remind myself everyday.. i share your mission statement, it will be a good start..

  • Keep your sunny side up!

    Although you swore off of emoticons a while back… i did not.

    :-) … so there!

  • I will love my body. I will love my mind. I will love my friends and love my family and love strangers and love enemies.

    I will live. I will love to live.

  • Erin, I’ve long read that we must come up with a mission statement for our businesses, but I’ve never thought of having a personal mission statement. What a concept! I love yours. Must put this on my to-do list. Something I want to distill into fewer words is that I want to take the time to be kind. No matter how poorly I feel or how busy I am, I want to take a few seconds to brighten the day for people, incuding strangers, I encounter.

  • Wow!
    Let’s see…mine would have to be something like:
    Seek balance
    Create beauty
    Aspire to compassion, tolerance and generosity daily

  • My apologies for being late to the party. Having one of those weeks, just read your mission statement, and it really spoke to me. Thank you, thank you for sharing.
    PS~Going to take this opportunity to also say that I lurve your blog! Keep up the inspiring work.

  • I LOVE your mission statement, so much so that my mission statement is: I will steal Erin’s mission statement and make it my own. Thank you for the inspiration!

  • I was working on a mission statement of sorts a few weeks ago. Reading this shows me I have some work to do. Back to the drawing board until it’s this awesome.

    ps. I”m here for the first time because of how many people I follow on twitter linked here today. :)

  • welcome, carrien —- it’s so nice to meet you!

    and mission statements are personal, so don’t feel pressured to make it perfect. if its you, its great!

  • Oye, I have no mission statement. One more thing to put on my blog to do list. Yours is beautiful. What a great reflection of the type of person that you are:) You go girl!Living life with integrity and positivity.

  • Wow Erin, can I just “borrow” your mission statement word for word?!? I’ve been thinking a lot about my raison d’etre lately and even changed the way I approached blogging just this week because of that… it’s encouraging to me to see someone post a life purpose that is mostly about HOW you live instead of WHAT you are doing. I have loads of interests and my biggest purpose in life is probably exploring new things and discovering new stories… it’s hard to translate that into “work” that appears worthwhile in that bigger sense… seeing your mission statement helps me realize that I AM doing my part for adding to the world by encouraging others in their joy, creativity, and grace.

    Thanks for sharing this Erin!

  • @shauntelle i LOVE your thoughts! yes! intentional writing is a breath of fresh air among the smog, and i’m so thrilled to hear you’ve come to such a great realization for yourself! :)

  • ok, many weeks later…. (these things require deliberation you know)

    here’s mine. I reserve the right to make more revisions in the future. ;)

    I choose to be an agent of redemption, to heal what is broken, mend what is hurt, restore what is lost. I will bless in word and in deed. I choose to believe the best of you, for as long as is possible. I will say yes to what is good. I will speak life, where there is death, love, where there is hate, that whisper the hope of joy in the midst of suffering. I welcome all that life offers, joy and pain in all their ever mixing combinations. I will laugh. I will not fear.

  • Karen from Chookooloonks linked to this post as part of her Pathfinders course (that I’m waaaay behind on). But I have to say I really LOVE that mission statement, and if I had to write one for myself I don’t know that I could have done any better! Thank you…

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